Fat Swan

The Helpmann non-nominated Trevor Ashley (Hairspray, Priscilla, Diamonds Are For Trevor) plays Natalie Portly, a ballet dancer with body dysmorphia who dreams of being a star! Can she overcome the obstacles of a psychotic mother, the choreographer from hell, and a lesbian ballerina with a dark side and make it out the other end alive? Well, no actually.

Written with Phil Scott (The Wharf Revue), FAT SWAN is a laugh-a-minute musical panto with an all-star cast including GENEVIEVE LEMON (Billy Elliott), BRENDAN MOAR (TV’s The Renovators) and DANIELLE BARNES (Priscilla) together with a fabulous live band.

FAT SWAN takes you deep into the heart-rending, heel-chafing, toe-bleeding, self-harming world of ballet – and will surely make you wonder what your mother did with your old pointe shoes.

“A hugely enjoyable piss-take… messy, funny and filthy!” Sun Herald

“Be warned: you’re likely to laugh so much you’ll wet yourself… Ashley and Scott have struck gold!” (SX News)

“It’s Ashley’s show to carry, and he does so with potty-mouthed panache.” SMH

Directed by GARRY SCALE
Choreographed by CAMERON MITCHELL
Designed by JAMES BROWNE

FAT SWAN contains strong language and adult themes.


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